It is OK to Take a Sick Day

Lagos de Montebello

The morning did not bode well for our day’s scheduled adventure.

Both Martin and I were not feeling our best. Each of us had a fragile stomach that morning. As I sat on the curb sipping my Americano and waiting for our ride, I wondered if this adventure was a good idea.

We were on our way to the Lagos de Montebello.

A three-hour drive from San Cristobal de las Casas, the lakes are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mexican state of Chiapas. But first we had to drive through small town after small town, each filled with a plethora of stomach churning speed bumps.

Thankfully, our new local friends were driving us and willingly stopped along the way to let my stomach settle down. I took a Dramamine. A few days prior I had powered through this stretch of road without a problem, but today I was fragile.

Rodrigo and his family had been to the lagos many times, and he knew the best lakes to visit. When we finally arrived, the view did not disappoint.

Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello

The short hike to the cenote wore me out. I spent the rest of our time on the shore of the lake trying to take a nap while the local children giggled at the color of my hair. The others in our group went swimming.

We visited another cenote and another lake with an amazing view, but I spent the rest of the day sleeping in the car. Apparently the food was spectacular. I couldn’t even look at it.

Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello Lagos de Montebello

I took two more Dramamine for the ride home and slept most of the way.

Martin even took one and still ended up getting sick on the way back. It was after 9 p.m. by the time we returned to San Cristobal, and we both were excited to check into our new hostel and get some much needed rest.

Hostel Tata Inti failed us.

The receptionist neglected to see our reservation (which we made in person the day before) and had given our room away to someone else. I was beyond mad. He said there were plenty of other hostels we could stay at all we had to do was wander down the street. Um… I’m on too much Dramamine, queasy, tired, carrying all my stuff, and you want me to wander the streets of San Cristobal at 9 p.m. looking for a new place to stay because you screwed up. No. I demanded he call another hostel to find us a new place to stay.

Unfortunately, he recommended Deja Vu, a hostel we had seen and laughed at because it has the same name as a strip club in Minneapolis.

While the woman at Deja Vu was beyond kind and accommodating, the hostel was dirty, loud and crowded. After an unrestful night, we packed up and searched the town for yet another place stay.

Hostel Vegano Sol was a little farther away from the town center but had a clean room, a quiet garden, and a kind owner.

I felt better already.

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5 Responses

  1. dombbomb says:

    Oh man, I hope you are feeling better 🙁 xoxox

    • Jill Wigert says:

      Thanks Krissy! I’m over that sickness but now fighting a terrible cold. As much as i love San Cristobal, maybe it is time to move on…

      • krissy says:

        Perhaps! I hear ya on the cold front. I’m on week two of a horrible cold. I didn’t know the human nose could blow so much snot. Here’s to a quick recovery for you.

  2. Melissa RP says:

    I love the Chiapas region of Mexico!! Thank you for sharing! Hope you both feel better….I know what it’s like to be queasy on those bus rides!