Minnesota to Florida in 5 Days


I walked into the little round house on the tip of Pine Island Florida. The sight of it swept my breath away. All I could say was “Wow” as I roamed around seeing familiar things. The sweet scent of the salty Florida air filled my nose and lungs. Home. This is what home feels like. 

14,782 miles.

When we returned to Florida in May from Lima, I had no idea our United States summer road trip with the temperamental Honda Odyssey would take me over 14,000 miles. We drove through Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. 20 states in 20 weeks. 

No wonder I am craving a more stationary life. 

After leaving Minnesota on October 7, we spent a couple days in Chicago, visiting some friends. Martin’s parents happened to be driving through Chicago on their way back from Nova Scotia, so we met up at Frank Lloyd Wright’s house for a couple hours. 

Martin and Jill Land in Paris?!

Martin and Jill Land in Paris?!



Then, on to Greenville, Ohio, where we watched the high school homecoming football game. The visiting team showed no mercy.

The halftime show by the visiting team’s marching band involved a complicated choreographed interpretation of the life of a machine in three movements. The hometown’s band stuck with the standard routine of spelling Ohio to the Ohio State fight song.

We left after halftime.

Ohio Ohio Ohio

Martin’s aunt and uncle have a little hobby farm on the edge of Greenville that I had never seen before. We left with a bag of pumpkins and a leek. 

Ohio Ohio Ohio

Saturday night found us in Nashville, where downtown was crazy busy. We ate a mediocre meal at a sports bar and wandered the streets people watching. We didn’t have the energy or the desire to wait in line to get into one of the saloons with live music

While driving through Georgia, we stopped at Kennesaw National Battlefield Park for a picnic lunch and short hike. The sunny, autumnal Sunday afternoon brought hikers and runners to the park’s idyllic trails. It was a nice break from driving.


That's Atlanta in the distance!

That’s Atlanta in the distance!

With only three days in Florida, we settled in immediately. I baked vegan pumpkin pancakes, made pumpkin risotto, and ate so many vegetables. We researched our next travel plan.

One morning, Martin’s cousins took us on their boat. We lounged on the beach, floating in the water to cool off, and watching manta rays and jack fish jump out of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Florida Florida Florida

Tonight, we fly to New York City.

Florida has been a delightful, albiet breif, respite from the hectic and jarring nature of travel. Yet, in NYC awaits my cousin, her husband, and their beautiful 3 month old daughter. In NYC awaits Martin’s cousin, her husband, and their lively 8 year old son. In NYC awaits museums, documentaries, running paths, and a kitchen full of vegetables for me to cook. 

Always another adventure around the corner. 

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  1. Amy Lou says:

    If you get a chance…I loved the new Whitney Museum in NYC.