Love Letters to Lima


March 26, 2015

Dear Lima,

I’ve only just arrived and already I love you. Our hostel in the Miraflores neighborhood is just blocks from the park on the cliff. We watched the setting sun, the surfers, the scotty dogs, the runners, the children. I was entranced. 

Our first meal was at Alma Zen, an organic, gluten-free, vegan restaurant. I can’t believe on our first day in Peru’s capital city we found such a fantastic, healthful meal. I can’t wait to do some sightseeing in your downtown tomorrow!

Lima Sunset

Alma Zen Lima Peru

Downtown Lima

March 29, 2015

Dear Lima,

Martin and I conquered your elusive public transit “system” today. After being told by everyone we asked to just take a taxi, I felt a huge sense of achievement for taking two different types of busses to successfully visit the artisanal beer festival

This beer festival was very different from the festivals in Minnesota. A restaurant hosted about a dozen beer makers from all over Peru, making it a very intimate festival. No sample sizes here – full pours only! 

It was fun to listen to the brewers describe their beer in Spanish. My favorite beer was Teach’s Old Friend’s Ale. I could drink that all day long. After drinking disappointing beer (Gallo – I’m talking about you!) in Guatemala, I had been hesitant. No longer. The beer scene is young in Peru, but it is good.

April 1, 2015

The early morning fog envelopes the running path along the cliff, making the sea disappear. I love running here, Lima. I see hundreds of other people running and working out every morning, and it makes me feel like I’m connected to a community again. 

We’ve been spending a lot of time researching and planning lately. Machu Picchu is expensive, but I think we’ve found a cheap and easy way to visit it. Both Martin and I got accepted to attend a 10-day Meditation Retreat in Kelseyville, California at the end of June, so we spent the afternoon researching airfare. Looks like Spirit has a cheap flight to Fort Lauderdale from Lima in May.


Lima Cliff

Lima Work Out

April 4, 2015

Dear Lima,

How did you do it? I love you even more after today. An Irish friend we met in Guatemala and who was now living in Russia visited you. Pisco Sours all around!

Pisco Sour

Infused Pisco

Infused Pisco

May 4, 2015

Dear Lima,

I can’t believe its been a month since we last saw you! You still feel like home. Our first stop: the Cat Park (officially known as John F. Kennedy Park). I love how this park never ceases to put a smile on Martin’s face. He estimates that somewhere between 40-60 cats live in the park. Martin continues to name the cats. They love him. 

I’m sad we only have four days to visit before we leave for the Amazon Rainforest, but I’m glad we are here. We finally found the perfect camera bag to protect our new camera. Once again, Lima, you have everything we need.

Lima Cat Park Lima Cat Park Lima Cat Park

May 14, 2015

Dear Lima, 

It’s good to see you again. The girls at the Hitchhiker’s Backpacker’s Hostel don’t even need to ask for our passports anymore. Today, we discovered Que Juicy, a delicious juice bar. I sat and chatted with the owner (who was from the U.S.) for over an hour about the nutrients found in various vegetables and fruit found in Peru. My heart is singing. 

Hitchhiker's Backpacker's Hostel

Hitchhiker’s Backpacker’s Hostel

Que Juicy

Que Juicy

May 18, 2015

Dear Lima,

Today I bid you a final farewell. I will miss your cats, your delicious food, your beautiful vistas. We celebrated our last day together by visiting the Magical Fountains. I find it so ironic that as a desert (only 2 inches of rainfall annually), you have the Guinness Book of World Record’s largest fountain park in the world. You have become our place to rejuvenate and prepare for our next adventure. I’ll treasure our 18 days together forever. 

Ceviche is Peru's national dish.

Ceviche is Peru’s national dish.

Lima Magical Fountains Lima Magical Fountains Lima Magical Fountains

May 25, 2015

Dear Lima, 

It’s been a week since I left you for Florida and the dream of a road trip through the United States. As the rain roars against the roof of the Florida round house and the thunder makes the plates in the kitchen rattle, I am reminded yet again that I’m no longer in your desert oasis. 

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2 Responses

  1. mom-in-law says:

    Great summary of your time in Lima! Good luck to you and Martin on your continuing travels in the U.S.!

  2. Molly B says:

    Love your love letter! Such a great way to share your experience!